A well-designed bathroom is functional and appealing. Fortunately, homeowners can improve their bathrooms with many different fixtures and materials. DIY projects are an easy way to update the bathroom and save money, and they’re also fun and satisfying. Here are a few ideas to inspire bathroom improvements.

Update the Bathroom

1. Install New Fixtures

Update older fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and towel racks to completely change the look of your bathroom. Shop for replacement fixtures that match your preferred style and color scheme. For example, you might replace old brass fixtures with sleek stainless steel or matte black ones. Installing new fixtures is a simple DIY project that will greatly impact the space.

2. Add Storage

A cluttered bathroom makes the space feel cramped and uninviting. Add storage to keep your bathroom organized and tidy. Install shelving or a medicine cabinet to store toiletries and other essentials. Add baskets to hold towels or magazines for a rustic or bohemian look. Incorporating storage is an easy project to improve your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

3. Paint the Walls

Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update any room in your home, including the bathroom. Choose a color that complements your existing fixtures and decor. Light, neutral colors like white or beige make small rooms appear larger, while bold colors like navy or charcoal add drama. Consider using a stencil pattern or choose an interesting paint finish for a unique look for your space.

4. Replace Flooring to Update the Bathroom

Replacing the flooring is more involved but will completely transform the look of your bathroom. Tiling is a popular option to customize your preferred style and size. Other flooring materials include vinyl plank and laminate flooring. Both of these materials can mimic the look of wood or stone but are more durable and waterproof. Before starting this project, research the options and choose the right type of flooring for your needs.

5. Upgrade Your Lighting

The right lighting impacts your bathroom’s ambiance and functionality. Replace old light fixtures with models that provide ample light and match your style preferences. Task lighting around the mirror is helpful for daily grooming and makeup application. Add a dimmer switch to manage the lighting and create a more relaxing atmosphere during bath time.

Updating the bathroom is a fun and rewarding DIY project. By making small changes, you can completely transform the look and feel of the room and create a more comfortable and functional space for you and your family.


Q: Can I use peel-and-stick flooring as a quick update for my bathroom?
Answer: Yes. Peel-and-stick vinyl flooring is a cost-effective and DIY-friendly option for a bathroom update. It’s easy to install and comes in various styles, including patterns that mimic wood or tile.

Q: How can I incorporate eco-friendly elements when updating my bathroom?
Answer: To reduce water consumption, shop for water-saving faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Use low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint to minimize the release of harmful chemicals. Reclaimed wood and recycled glass products are also good options for your eco-friendly bathroom update.

Q: Are there ways to add luxury to a bathroom update on a budget?
Answer: Focus on small but impactful details. Add a bold mirror with an elegant frame, invest in high-quality, plush towels, and incorporate metallic accents like gold or brass fixtures. These touches elevate the aesthetic of the bathroom without breaking the bank.

Q: Can I repurpose existing fixtures instead of replacing them entirely?
Answer: Absolutely! Repurposing existing fixtures is a budget-friendly and sustainable approach. Refinish or repaint the cabinets, vanity tops, and the bathtub. Upcycle existing elements with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware for a significant and affordable update.

Q: How can I make a small bathroom feel more spacious without a major renovation?
Answer: To make a small bathroom seem larger, use light and neutral colors for the walls and fixtures. Add mirrors to create the illusion of more space and enhance natural light. Opt for open shelving instead of bulky cabinets to maintain an airy feel. Install a clear glass shower enclosure to expand the space visually.

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